HP QTP/UFT Training Course

HP QTP/UFT Training Course

HP QTP/UFT Training Course

Software Training World’s HP QTP/UFT online training course is designed by World’s well known Certified Software Training Expert Mr. Software Mohan to provide the right knowledge, real time exposure and skills in the field of Software Automation testing and train you to become the successful HP QTP / UFT Automation Test Expert.

Software Training World’s HP QTP/UFT Training course is completely project oriented and Well Known world’s training Master Mr. Software Mohan will explain the real time experiences and lessons learnt from his experience throughout and IT carrier and training”, there is going to be lot of examples, exercises and many small projects. He is going put in his best to make you guys ready to work in the real time projects. The subject going to cover in this training, the most you are going to use in real time projects. This course will help you in learning HP QTP/UFT to automate both windows and web applications using VB script. HP QTP/UFT Training course is designed for all levels of learners: fresher, manual tester, someone in software industry and willing to move to automation, already working on QTP wants to be an expert. More over HP QTP/UFT will add value to your IT carrier and will also create the demand for you whether you are a Tester, Programmer or Developer.

Training Course Content:

After the completion of ‘HP QTP/UFT’ Training Course at STW, you must be master at below concepts.

  • Introduction to Automation testing and tools
  • Basics of UFT and VB Script
  • VB Scripting program fundamentals
  • Record and running tests , Check points and Output values
  • Dictionary Object, File Handling(FSO) in VB
  • Object Repository, Shared Object Repository and types of Actions
  • Object Identification types and it’s types
  • Descriptive programming, Handling dynamic objects using UFT and Mechanism of working with UFT
  • Working with MS Excel using VB script with UFT
  • Dictionary Objects and it’s advanced uses
  • Database connection and testing using UFT
  • Automation Object Model(AOM) in QTP
  • Arrays, Sub, Functions and Objects in VB
  • Regular Expressions in VB and Object Repository
  • Reports , ToPRoterty and ROProperty, Object validation in UFT
  • Data tables and read and write operation from Excel
  • Introduction to framework and building Data driven framework
  • Working with Environment variables and function libraries
  • Implementing Batch execution concept in UFT
  • Introduction to Keyword framework and best way of building advanced Keyword driven framework
  • Real Time Project Using HP UFT and its latest concept
  • Interview and Resume Preparation
  • Personalized telephonic HP UFT interview by Software Mohan, Tips will be given on how to Crack  interview  for sure
  • Certification will be provided at the end of the training based on project and interview performance.


The only pre-requisite for learning HP QTP/UFT course is the zeal and determination of learning, we will take care of rest all to make you HP QTP/UFT expert.

Real Time Project Work:

At the end of the training you will be working on a real time project where you will be automating any one of the real time Application to implement all the possible cases of interaction with application. Project will be completed using any one of the framework Data Drive or Keyword or Hybrid.  We will be using all advanced features. Test cases will be executed multiple times using multiple set of data with Data Driven approach. Data drive framework will be built on using typical concepts Identify objects, Vb Script, Data driven framework reading data from Excel file, GetTO, GetRO, SetTO, SetRO properties, error Resume Next. At the end you should be build robust framework.

Why learn HP QTP/UFT?

The latest version of HP QTP is known HP Unified Functional Testing 11.5 (UFT 11.5). UFT 11.5 is actually a combination of HP QTP (for testing GUI) and HP Service Test (for testing API).  11.5 version simplifies the testing process by combining a number of different tests into one screen. It has lot of new features such, advanced debugging feature, new modern IDE, Integration with Open source CI Systems, Image based automation and many more.

Course Features:

  • Online Training Classes 40 Hours

There will be 20 Trainer-led interactive online classes during the course. Each class will be of approximately 2 hours for regular batch and 4 hours for weekend that will be conducted at the scheduled time of the batch you choose. You have the flexibility to reschedule your class in a different batch if you miss any class. Class recordings will be uploaded in the LMS after the class. The access to class recordings is for lifetime and can be renewed with fewer amounts every year just to make sure that you are active user.

  • Assignments 10 hours

Each class will be followed by practical assignments which can be completed before the next class. These assignments will help in applying the concepts taught in the live classes. Our 24×7 expert support team is available to help you through Email, phone or live support for any issues you may face in the Lab Assignments.

  • Project : 15 hours

Towards the end of the course, you will be working on a project where you are expected to implement the techniques learnt during the course in the previous modules.

  • Lifetime Access :

You get lifetime access to the Learning Management System (LMS). All the installation guides, sample codes, project documents and assignment documents are available in downloadable format in the LMS. Also, your login will never get expired.

  • 24/7 Technical Support

We have 24×7 Online technical support team available to help you with any technical queries you may have during the course. Our technical support team can provide you live support by accessing your machine remotely if required but usually through emails and phone guaranteed solution. This ensures that all your questions, doubts and problems faced during labs and project work are clarified any time in the day.

  • STW – Automation Test Engineer Certificate

At the end of the course, you will be working on a project. STW certifies you as a HP UFT Automation Expert based on the performance in the project work and the mock interview. If the performance of project work and mock interview is not up to mark you can re attempt with additional cost and get certified.

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